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Francisco Soto

Multimodality Healer & Founder of NaturOlistics


Francisco Soto is a lifelong health and wellness advocate with 18 years of experience as a professional health coach and multi-modality healer. He synthesizes traditional medicine systems with modern science to find and address the true roots of pain & sickness.


He founded NaturOlistics in 2011 to provide resources for people looking to improve the quality of their lives through natural, non-invasive solutions and health-based education. Our goal is to put the tools for optimal health back in your hands.


Francisco is a Certified Iridologist and a graduate of the International College of Iridology, Alignment Process Certified, and a student of Dr. Thomas Rau of the Swiss Paracelsus Academy, one of the foremost Biological Medicine institutions in the world. And Nutritional Microscopy Assessment with Dr. Tracy Gibbs.


He have collaborated with over 3,000 individuals in their efforts to meet and understand stress-related challenges in their lives such as dis-ease, grief, sensations of pain, states of feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, depressed or anxious, victimhood and so much more. 


Born and raised in Mexico City, Francisco is fluently bilingual and loves to help both English & Spanish-speaking clients, in the U.S., Mexico, and across the world.


“Our mission at Naturolistics is to help you obtain significant, lasting improvements in your health & wellbeing by activating your body's natural healing abilities, and by putting the tools for healing in your hands.


"My dream is to help people live longer, stronger, happier, welthy lives, and to spread that good energy across the Planet Earth.” 


Remote & In-Person Solutions

Francisco offers a variety of remote and in-person solutions catered to your unique goals and body. We will help you live without, illness, chronic pain, stress, and fatigue!



The hallmark of Francisco’s practice is his personalized health coaching. Your health coaching begins with an in-depth assessment that identifies the roots of your imbalances (outlined below). From there, Francisco will customize a plan for your complete wellness, which may include: nutrition, exercise, healing self-practice (such as simple acupressure techniques), and as much support as you need.

His goal is to make you your own healer.

Book Your Free Pre-Assessment


You may not be aware, but your eye is a blueprint of your body. Using an advanced assessment technique known as Iridology, Francisco can look into your body through your eyes, unlocking a shocking amount of information to help guide you to your complete health.


Francisco’s most sophisticated assessment technique is his Nutritional Miscroscopy, which evaluates your inner terrain (Microbiome & Microbiota) for signatures of chronic disease, nutritional imbalances, and environmental stressors.

This process is safe and easy to apply.


This little know tool HRV (Heart Rate Variability), assesses important regulatory systems by providing a baseline of where they stand, their interconnectivity, their ability to recover and how they are working to maintain health.

This process is safe and easy to apply and take five minutes or less


Francisco’s in-personal sessions integrate several healing modalities into a comprehensive treatment that brings balance to your body and mind. These sessions include general postural corrections, pain-relieving techniques (such as acupressure), Far infrared heat therapy and Healy (IMF) to reset your body and nervous system.


In addition to these services, Francisco also provides his clients with a convenient shopping platform for all of their health necessities. Francisco only recommends high quality products and some of them he has personally tested.

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