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Por favor note: Estas son experiencias personales compartidas exclusivamente con NaturOlistics y no deberán ser tomadas en cuenta como estudios de investigación clínica.


Terry M., UT

Your Total Systemic Enzyme pills are working wonders on me. I`ve taken them since January and stopped taking the drug - Prilosec. I still have my acid come up when I put pressure on my stomach, showing that my valve is still open, but I can digest my food wonderfully, for the first time! I can even eat a little meat, which I hadn`t been able to do since 1984.


Mirna O., UT

I need to let you know about my experience with your products. A generous friend, whom I admire as a very health-conscious individual, gave me a bottle of your Total Systemic Enzyme. She said if I took two pills at every meal my chronic yeast infections would stop. She was right and I couldn`t believe it.

So, I went on the website and found a whole line of neat, herbal and mineral-based products. I tried the Pre & Pro-Biotic and the PhytoNutrient. The PhytoNutrient, with its grape-based ingredients, seemed to have the same effect as another product I had taken years before (OPC-3 by Isotonix) in that it really reduced my daily seasonal allergies. The cost of Claritin-D (even the generic brand) is more than $1 a day, and it doesn`t get rid of all my symptoms, PLUS there are side effects! I have been taking it daily for over a year, since my allergies just don`t seem to let up. If I could find an herbal way to get rid of these allergies, FABULOUS. I tried the PhytoNutrient and it worked as well as I remember the OPC-3 working.

Then, after about two weeks and on a recommendation of the staff at Nutranomics I decided to switch to the Immune Modulating Complex. It seemed just as good, a little different, and I could breathe! But three days later the tree outside my bedroom window bloomed. I could feel nothing but pressure and post-nasal-drip and a severe sore throat. I thought, "I must be getting that cold that is going around. HELP! I can`t get sick, I have five kids and a part time job as a swim instructor, dinners to make, homework to help with..." So I decided to take BOTH the Immune Modulating Complex and the PhytoNutrient. The next morning my symptoms were gone.

Because our spring out here on the East Coast is really intense this year (it was a record-setting warm winter), allergies are going nuts. But over the last week as I could feel the pollen in the air burning my eyes and making my throat go crazy, I have taken the PhytoNutrient and the Immune Modulating Complex and I have had all the relief I`ve needed! I love these products. They work, they are healthier than the OTC meds (Mucinex, Claritin, etc) I have been taking for years. And I would so much rather put my money into a company like this that is doing good to the environment and good to our health, than spend with the big pharmaceuticals and get an inferior product.

It takes a little trial and error to get the right mix of supplements, but it is worth the investment and time to get it right for your body. Thanks to Nutranomics and their helpful friendly staff to get me just what I needed! THANK YOU!

This is a company I will be watching to see what services they come up with and what new products they develop. I really like them! And in the health industry, in the supplement niche...that is SAYING something!

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